Global Bildung Network

What Happened at the First Roundtable in Stockholm

By European Bildung Network Folk-Bildung has deep roots in Sweden, and 20 people from very diverse Bildung backgrounds joined us for the first European Bildung Network round-table on November 27th, 2019. With participants from adult education, cultural institutions, the universities, the Swedish Parliament, the Nordic Association, future studies, and some independent teachers, researchers and psychologists, we immediately had a lively … Read More

Creating the European Bildung Network

By European Bildung Network Maike van den Boom (Stockholm), Christian Welzel (Lüneburg), Joachim Juul Vædele (Copenhagen), Per Paludan Hansen (Copenhagen), Stefan Bergheim (Frankfurt), Mette Hvid Brockmann (Copenhagen), and Lene Rachel Andersen (Copenhagen) met on August 19th and 20th in Copenhagen in order to find out how to proceed after the first European Bildung Day (Berlin on May 9th). We decided … Read More

European Bildung Day 2019 in Berlin

By European Bildung Network On Europe Day, May 9th, 2019, 70 Bildung experts, researchers, enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs gathered in Berlin in order to start the creation of European Bildung Day 2020; you can see pictures from the event and our program here.