European Bildung Days 2025

Conference, workshops, and public event

How to Promote Bildung

European Bildung Days

May 8-10, 2025 in Hamar, Norway

We need more bildung in education and in society, but this needs politicians and other decision-makers to realize it too. How do we enable and integrate bildung as we educate? And how do we promote bildung in society?

Join us for three thought provoking, creative, and festive European Bildung Days in Hamar with other bildung professionals, semi-professionals, volunteers, researchers, and perhaps even some politicians.

Beautiful Hamar is just 1 easy hour by train north of Gardermoen Airport near Oslo. Save the dates and get an update when we have information about the venue and ticket prices:

Program outline

Thursday, May 8

Afternoon and evening get-together

Most likely with a drink before dinner and then a concert at one of the local music schools; we’re working on it…

Friday, May 9

Input Day

10:00-12:00: Papers
Please let us know if you have work you would like to share


13:00-17:00: Conference
Presentations and discussions about what it means to be human and how to enable, promote, and integrate bildung in education, non-formal education, and other activities.

Reflection time

18:00: Conference Dinner
& celebration of Europe Day

Saturday, May 10

Output Day

09:00-13:00 Morning workshops
We discuss how to reach decision makers, produce op-eds, promote the European Bildung Manifesto, and create bildung programs.


14:00-16:00 Public event
An afternoon with and about bildung

18:00 Dinner and evening event

Testimonials about EBD 2024

The Bildung events are a source of hope that emerges, witnessing incredible human capacities to apply education to solve complex social, environmental, cultural, political, or economic problems. The people who gather at the events are the fateful minority that, through partnerships and prototypes, draw trajectories for future Bildung development.

Irena Pranskevičiūtė
School principal, Domus Solis, Lithuania

European Bildung Day is the best ground to share and learn the perspectives that are forming our reality now. In a more disconnected world we need platforms like this that help us understand each other better and expand our worldview beyond our cultural, national or other bubbles..

Elena Tochilina
Organizational consultant and leadership coach, Ukraine

Attending European Bildung Day 2024 was like coming home. Finally a group of people who not only are curious about identifying the complexities of the problems with education, they are also all already out there working to solve them.

Kåre Wangel
Sociocracy consultant, Denmark

The European Bildung Day seemed like a very elaborate and intricate organization/event, yet it felt very personal and “down-to-earth”. Songs and jokes helped me personally to change my perspective from an outsider to part of the group..

Lyuba V. Nicheva
Student of Political Science at Leiden University, from Bulgaria

The European Bildung Days 2024 in Rotterdam were truly inspiring! The event brilliantly showcased how Bildung answers the right questions for personal and societal growth. A must-attend for anyone passionate about holistic education and development!

Armin Sieber
School principal, consultant for school development, Switzerland

Attending the European Bildung Day 2024 was an incredibly enriching experience for me. The event provided deep insights into the concept of Bildung and its underlying principles, broadening my understanding significantly. Beyond the excellent learning opportunities, I also had the chance to connect with many remarkable individuals, making the experience both intellectually and personally fulfilling. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this event..

Martijn van Ginneken
Student of business administration, The Netherlands

The European Bildung Days will be inspired by the anthology What it Means to Be Human, which is also the theme for the online global bildung events on Equinox.