European Bildung Network

European Bildung Day

European Bildung Day 2024 will be in Rotterdam May 7-8 and will focus on resilience, migration, and what it means to be a people.

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European Bildung Manifesto

First draft was presented at Euopean Bildung Day 2023 in Vilnius, a working group was put together, and now we are polishing the final draft. The European Bildung Manifesto will be presented officially on May 8 in Rotterdam.

There will be two online meetings where we finalize the text: Thursday, March 14 and Tuesday, April 16, 16:00-17:00 CET.

When you have signed up, we will send you the latest version of the text the Friday before the meeting.

If you would like to see the text before signing up, send us an email at

European Bildung Network

The European Bildung Network was started in August 2019, after the first European Bildung Day in Berlin, May 9, that same year.

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European Bildung Network

Main organizers in the European Bildung Network

Sandra Verbruggen,

Kees Spijker,

Ginie Servant-Miklos,
Netherlands & France

Lene Rachel Andersen,

Andrés Lopez,
Norway & Spain

Ludvig Claesson,

Previous European Bildung Days

We have hosted European Bildung Day on Europe Day, May 9, since 2019, but in 2024, it will be May 7-8.