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Better Future.

In the Global Bildung Network, you can create your own profile, meet other bildung people, and join continental networks, working groups, and events. In the calendar, you will find both online and IRL network events.

Nordic Metamodern

New podcast and video series from Nordic Bildung

Better Bildung. Better Future.

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Global Bildung Day

March & September Equinox

On Equinox, in March and September, when the day has the same length around the globe, we go on a bildung tour to all culture zones.

We explore cultural heritage, traditions, education, politics, and how to bridge the gaps between past, present, and future.

Welcome to the Global Bildung Festival 2022
Sustainability, religious tradition, and SolarPunk
Ubuntu and Traditional Initiation
Tai Chi and Tea

See the program here; videos from Global Bildung Day 2022 September 21 coming soon…

Our Partners

Nordic Metamodern

In pursuit of an achievable utopia; bildung around the globe

The Nordic countries were shaped by bildung; can this be copied elsewhere?

First episode