Global Bildung Festival 2022 in March

March 21st and 22nd

In March we will meet online again and discuss the future of education and how we can create a wiser world. More info here soon…

Educators and bildung activists from around the globe met for the first Global Bildung Festival on September 21st, 2021.


Welcome to the Global Bildung Network

The Global Bildung Network is a network of bildung enthusiasts from around the globe. We hope that you are like us, that you would like to sign the Global Bildung Manifesto, and that you would like to join one of our events, and/or one of the continental networks where most of the action and interaction are.

The Global Bildung Manifesto

Better Bildung. Better Future.

A global bildung manifesto for a Global Renaissance 2.0; we need better Bildung for a better future – for the sake of coming generations and for our own!

The Global Bildung manifesto was launched as part of the European Bildung Day on May 9th, 2021; you may also read it here:

Bildung Latin América

The Latin American bildung network gradually emerged during 2021 and is currently hosted here:

North American Bildung Network

The North American Bildung Network gradually emerged during 2020 and is currently hosted here:

The European Bildung Network

The first continental bildung network was started in Copenhagen, Denmark, Europe in August 2019, and you will find it here:

Are you on a continent without a Bildung Network?

and would you like to co-create one? Please contact us at

The global bildung blog

You can submit articles about your bildung work and reach a global audience on Medium:; read how here:

Global bildung on social media

Join the Global Bildung Network on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @BildungNetwork.

Nordic Bildung

Coordinating the bildung networks, the blog and the podcast, and hosting the various websites is the Copenhagen Based think tank Nordic Bildung, which is a non-profit association. You can find us here and read the impressum.

We’re part of the #LearningPlanet community.


Better Bildung. Better Future.

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