Global Publishing of Your Bildung Work

Now it is here: the global, online bildung blog, magazine on Medium:

We have been working on it for a while, but now it is finally here! (Pop the Champagne!)

Whenever you have an idea for an article about bildung, please feel free to drop us a note about it at – or just write the full article in English and send it to us.

Not a native English speaker and worried about your written English? No problem! We have wonderful native English speaking volunteers in the European Bildung Network and the North American Bildung Network who are proofreading and editing. So, please, don’t be shy. The world needs to know about bildung, and whenever you have something to share, please let us know.

Guidelines on how so sign up and submit as a writer you’ll find here:

The genius who came up with the idea was Martin Butterfly from the North American Bildung Network, and we would like to thank him for not just fostering the idea but also setting up the page.

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