From Our Journey

Global Bildung Day 2024 March 21

What does it mean to be human? Not only are we asking and discussion this question at the Global Bildung Day, there will also be a book about it, and it will be launched at the Global Bildung Day on March 21!

Nordic Bildung Network: June 2024 in Helsinki

Nordic Bildung and other Nordic bildung organizations we will establish a Nordic Bildung Network in Helsinki on June 13. Read more about it here: And sign up here:

Successful EBD 2023

Serhii Chumachenko from Ukraine telling us about their bildung and folk high school project, which was transformed into training firefighters, soldiers, and civilians in tactical medicine due to the war. Great Days in Vilnius Stay tuned for more and join us in the Global Bildung Network if you would like to meet other bildung people from Europe and elsewhere: … Read More

Global Bildung Day 2022 September 21

The Global Bildung Day, on the September Equinox of 2022, is a worldwide gathering of bildung advocates, experts, teachers, students; all united to support the quality of life, human and nonhuman, through universal education for daily life for all ages. Join us as we define the knowledge and responsibilities that allow us to flourish and live happily. Read more and … Read More

Global Bildung Festival 2022 March 21-22

Around Equinox in March, the Global Bildung Network will be hosting the second Global Bildung Festival. There is not a lot of information to share yet, but the festival page will be here: and you can get your early bird ticket right away.

Global Publishing of Your Bildung Work

Now it is here: the global, online bildung blog, magazine on Medium: We have been working on it for a while, but now it is finally here! (Pop the Champagne!) Whenever you have an idea for an article about bildung, please feel free to drop us a note about it at – or just write the full article … Read More