Global Bildung Network

European Bildung Days 2025 May 8-10

Save the dates! And look forward to a bildung blast in Norway with colleagues from all over Europe! We had some fantastic days at the European Bildung Day in Rotterdam, and though we initially announced that European Bildung Days 2025 would be in Athens, for practical reasons, we decided to have the event in Hamar in Norway: The theme … Read More

New name for Global Bildung Day

Global Bildung Day has a new name: The Global Meeting on Equinox: What it Means to Be Human. We had great success with the title What it Means to Be Human on Global Bildung Day, March 21, 2024, which was named after the book What it Means to Be Human. We also decided right away that What it means to … Read More

A new bildung network in the Nordics

Nordic Bildung and representatives from such bildung institutions as the Finnish KVS and the Norwegian are now working towards establishing a Nordic network that focuses on bildung in the Nordics. The agenda is two-fold: To strengthen bildung in the Nordics today, including strengthening the awareness about Nordic bildung history and bildung tradition. And to share knowledge about bildung and bildung … Read More

European Bildung Manifesto

Europe needs an agenda for bildung, and at the European Bildung Day 2024 in Rotterdam we launched the European Bildung Manifesto! We need more bildung around the globe, and that is why we created the Global Bildung Manifesto back in 2021. But there are continental differences, also regarding bildung. So, we need a bildung agenda that matches the continental challenges, … Read More

Global Bildung Day 2024 March 21

What does it mean to be human? Not only are we asking and discussion this question at the Global Bildung Day, there will also be a book about it, and it will be launched at the Global Bildung Day on March 21!