Why the Mental Health Crisis among Youth?

By Lene Rachel Andersen Why are unusually high numbers of young people suffering from anxiety and depression? One explanation for the teen misery is social media: being online and constantly comparing yourself to the (apparent) success of others is stressful, and the vast majority of youth are bound to feel inadequate and not cool enough. This explains much of the … Read More

How to solve complex problems?

By Lene Rachel Andersen We do not solve the problems we have; we solve the problems we understand. Which means that there are a lot of problems that we do not solve. Either because we do not engage with them, or because we misunderstand them and make them worse. Sometimes the problems are technically complicated, but more often they are … Read More

How can everybody thrive?

By Lene Rachel Andersen How do we build societies that allow everybody to unfold and thrive? How do we find that within each person that is their spark, their inspiration, their unique talent and gift to the world? What kind of setting would allow it to be discovered and to grow and unfold? What kind of education would we need … Read More

We removed the important things from education

By Lene Rachel Andersen Solving today‚Äôs complex problems requires a deep human understanding. Ironically, we have removed from education exactly that which gave us that understanding. Climate change, wars, pollution, inequality, and other wicked problems are all man made. They are deeply tied to our understanding of the world, and we can only solve them if we understand not only … Read More