Global Bildung Day 2022 September 21

The Global Bildung Day, on the September Equinox of 2022, is a worldwide gathering of bildung advocates, experts, teachers, students; all united to support the quality of life, human and nonhuman, through universal education for daily life for all ages. Join us as we define the knowledge and responsibilities that allow us to flourish and live happily. Read more and … Read More

Bildung and Idiots

Article by Vesa-Matti Lahti Senior Lead, Foresight and Strategy, Sitra Vesa-Matti Lahti, a friend and colleague in Helsinki, Finland, has written a wonderful piece about bildung and what an idiot one can be: Vesa-Matti has also written this great piece about the need for bildung as we are facing wicked problems:

The Bildung Rose

The Bildung Rose is a description of society and an educational model for connecting our inner worlds to the society in which we live. Understanding the relationship between self and society is crucial because as societies become more complex, we too must change in order to survive and thrive. According to the model, societies evolve, grow and become more complex … Read More

What is Bildung?

An introduction to bildung. The Erasmus+ project BILDUNG explores bildung in adult education across Europe 2020-2021. Read the booklet online and learn more about the project here: There is also a 5-page-version that has been translated into 13 languages. Author, Lene Rachel Andersen.

The Nordic Secret

How bildung transformed the Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland from being among the poorest countries in Europe to becoming some of the most affluent countries in the world. Read more here:

Bildung & Wicked Problems

Article by Vesa-Matti Lahti Senior Lead, Foresight and Strategy, Sitra Gaps in our BildungIt is a well-known fact that solving wicked problems such as the climate crisis requires changes to lifestyle, technology and political decision-making, but in addition we need to develop our fundamental ways of thinking. Therefore, it is high time to update our conception of what is known … Read More

Global Bildung Festival 2022 March 21-22

Around Equinox in March, the Global Bildung Network will be hosting the second Global Bildung Festival. There is not a lot of information to share yet, but the festival page will be here: and you can get your early bird ticket right away.