European Bildung Day in Yerevan

On 08 May the Self-Education Platform NGO celebrated the European Bildung Day in Yerevan

By Grant Danduroff

The founders of the SEP Platform, activists and volunteers discussed issues related to the non-formal and folks education and explored options for establishment of folk schools in Armenia based on the model of the Scandinavian countries.

A training and a game-based team building exercise were organized for the volunteers of the Con-SEP-tion Summit that will be held on 18 July 2021.

The Self-Education Platform was established in Armenia in 2020 by a group of activists, scientists, journalists, teachers and psychologists with the aim of transforming the education in the country. The activities of the platform are based on the ideas and approaches of “Bildung” used in the higher folk schools in the Scandinavian countries.

With the aim of speeding up the process of creation of folk schools in Armenia an educational event titled Con-SEP-tion Summit will be held on 18 July 2021. The Summit will host over 30 seminars in a number of sectors. The slogan of the Summit is “Inhale knowledge, exhale skills”.

The Self-Education Platform NGO is looking for partners in the European countries, especially in the Nordic countries for cooperation and support with the establishment of Higher Folk Schools in Armenia.

One of the short-term goals of the SEP is the organization of trainings for the future teachers of folk schools in Armenia in one of the countries where folk schools are widely spread.

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