Roundtable at the MU in Eindhoven

By European Bildung Network

People from the field of higher education, secondary education and the field of higher education designed by students, people from intercultural educational design and others came together on October 7th to talk about European Bildung. We met at the inspiring MU Hybrid Art Centre in Eindhoven, an luckily we were able to come together in person, despite COVID-19.

Lene Rachel Andersen visited via internet and gave a brightening talk on bildung. The original plan was that she and Mette Hvid Brockmann would come to the Netherlands to attend the roundtable in Eindhoven and later in Amsterdam. But for understandable reasons they stayed in Danmark.

After Lene’s talk and a delicious meal all participants went into the exhibition, chose an artwork, reflected on that and wrote about it. Then we came together again and a golden conversation started. People were open and vulnerable. People made appointments to meet again after this roundtable and join hands and efforts around bildung.

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